Branding made for a new RLC at Appalachian State: ASUnity. Description from Appalachian State University Housing's website: "ASUnity is a dynamic residential learning community open to all levels of undergraduate students. ASUnity seeks to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where students of diverse gender identities and sexualities, along with allies, can learn together. This RLC blends academic study and co-curricular activities focused on gender, sexuality, acceptance, and social justice. The community is supported by Residence Life, the Counseling Center, and a team of faculty and staff. The mission of ASUnity is to establish an environment of acceptance, understanding, and inclusion as we explore issues of social justice related to variance in the expression of gender and sexuality. Monthly meetings are designed to provide opportunities for discussion, development of support networks, and connection with peers based on similar academic interests."

ASUnity is a new Residential Learning Community (RLC) at Appalachian State University. The goal is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where students of diverse gender identities, sexualities, along with allies, can learn together, blending academic study and co-curricular activities.
I was assigned to create a promotional flyer for the new RLC's interest meeting and with that, I had to create a new logo to replace the old concept. 
I had several ideas in mind, but I knew I ultimately wanted to do something with pride colors. I wanted to make it modern and eye-catching. The logo below is what I ultimately came up with.
The above logo is the version used on the Appalachian State University Housing page for the RLC.
This was one of the flyers I came up with to promote the interest meeting of the club. I made a similar one with application deadlines. To differentiate the flyers, I arranged the colored lines differently.
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