Pitchfork - Magazine Concept

A magazine concept for music website, Pitchfork.com.

Pitchfork.com is a music website launched in 1999 dedicated to music news, reviews, interviews, and commentary and is one of the biggest sources for independant music. Strictly an online format, Pitchfork launched The Pitchfork Review in late 2013. This quarterly publication included some of the best web content Pitchfork has to offer while also providing brand new, exclusive content.
This project combines the Pitchfork website and The Pitchfork Review by reimagining Pitchfork.com as a magazine rather than strictly a web presence.
The cover of the magazine. Featuring an image of Daft Punk that Pitchfork used in one of their online Cover Stories.
Example page from a cover story.
An example of a spread made for Mac Demarco.
Cover of the magazine with a spread of Reviews. This spread uses Marc Hogan's review of Mac Demarco's Salad Days and Jeremy Gordon's review of Sia's song "Chandelier."
An example of a header of the reviews. This one was labaled Best New Music by Pitchfork. To show that, it gets labeled as such and the rating is placed in a red circle. Albums without the Best New Music label are given a white circle with a black stroke.
A song review of Sia's "Chandelier," which was rated Best New Track.
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